Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Directions New

I suppose that it was inevitable in all the huge changes taking place in the Anglo-Catholic world that the publication of Forward in Faith "New Directions" would be similarly changed. How could it be otherwise with all the personalities changing and moving? However it was with great sadness that when I opened the Feb. edition I realised all was never going to be the same. Another farewell to be faced is my immediate reaction. I had better give it another couple of months. The opinions and editorials were quite different to before. The balance is tried to be given by various re-prints from elsewhere which are obviously not the views of the new regime. Better time may be spent on study books from now on. Which brings me on to saying how much I have enjoyed reading one of my Christmas present books kindly given me; "Heaven and Earth and Little Space". Definitely no disappointment here and thoroughly absorbing stuff. Oh the author? a certain Fr. Burnham. My review of this in a word... brilliant. Buy it here

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  1. I agree. It was bizarre really, I mean to read something that was so utterly different. What is it now? As a BCP Catholic (yes I remain an Anglican), I am confused. It is not what it was. But then again, what was it?