Friday, 1 October 2010

A real Angel

In the debate about Angels at this time of the year with St. Michael and the Archangels last Wednesday and the feast of our Guardian Angels tomorrow, today is proof of a real live Angel. Sainte Terese of Lisieux must surely prove that they exist! Not only the winged one's whose spirits are around forever praising between heaven and earth but the human ones too. If the definition of Angels is those whose whole vocation is to worship, praise and magnify God then certainly she is for me not only a Saint and a church Doctor as decreed  but an Angel too. In her writing she would save our very own souls. Are we 'on the side of the Angels' ? Through her intercessions we can be. Her whole vocation being one of love as illustrated by these words of hers:
 ''I understand so very well that it is only through love that we can render ourselves pleasing to the good Lord, that love is the one thing I long for. The science of love is the only science I desire."