Saturday, 29 January 2011

Confirmation and Chrismation

Blessing the Holy Muron(Chrism) Armenian Orthodox 
Regarding a current blog theme on the sacrament of Holy Confirmation I can't but help agreeing with the way our sister churches of the Oriental Orthodox and Orthodox Churches administer this according to very ancient holy tradition which is to administer Holy Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Communion to the children all as infants. I remember well assisting as an honorary Deacon at an Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church initiation rite which included the admission of the infant to full membership of the church of Christ. There was no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit having been invoked presided at the holy annointings at this most early age and of course Holy Communion was administered to the infant on a spoon where Jesus Christ entered and sanctified the newly initiated there and then. Having been anointed by Holy Muron(Chrism) the whole body was thereby made one with Christ. Here is what has been written;

“Confirmation is thus the personal Pentecost of man, his entrance into the life of the Holy Spirit…his ordination as truly and fully man…His whole body is anointed, sealed, sanctified, dedicated to the new life: ‘the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit,’ says the priest as he anoints the newly baptized ‘on the brow, and on the eyes, and the nostrils, and the lips, and on both arms, and the breast and on the hands, and the feet’…The whole man is now made the temple of God…”

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  1. Yes, I agree it's now confusing. I personally can't see why the Society model is supposed to succeed when nothing before has ever been offered to allow us to stay. If the five Bishops who have gone couldn't no one can. I think we will see a new magazine emerge which holds to the previous united line of FiF but which is supported by those who are or have to stay for the moment and those FiF members now or soon to be on the other side of The River.