Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What to watch this Lent

Of Gods and Men
If you get the chance do try and see the wonderful French academy award winning film Des Hommes et des Dieux. I saw it with my wife and friends last night at the Newport Riverfront Theatre complex, a much underused and highly recommended arts centre. The English title is "Of Gods and Men". There were so many wonderful and poignant moments in the film it's hard to know where to start. The Benedictine community of eight monks in Algeria is the setting. Beset with problems working among the poor and within the Muslim community upholding the Christian faith, there is love, fear, courage, the way of the cross and resurrection in abundance in the real life story. That this film could win awards in France and Europe says much about the arts there and also the sad state of the British and especially American film scene. It wouldn't have got a look in here or the States. The characters are beautifully played in an understated and authentic way exuding the frustrations, the sacrifice and the joys of living in community with the daily Mass and Offices at their heart being the true powerhouse and springboard so important to the fruits of ministry. Monastic vocations can surely only be enhanced by such powerful and truthful work given to us by the Director Xavier Beauvois. It also gives much food for contemplation and prayer especially during Lent. This is timely while we see so many Christians struggling and continuing to become martys for the faith in hostile lands to the present day. Here are some trailers which only give a soupcon of what lies within...

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