Monday, 12 July 2010

Patronal Festival

Last weeks events to celebrate our Blessed Patron culminated in a festival Solemn Mass followed by an al fresco shared meal under perfect skies in the 'piazza' (we are leaning towards all things continental!) created for the day in the space between the 9th.cent. churchyard wall and the 19th.cent former village school part of which is now used for the Sunday School and community events. During Mass I was pleased that the children who had been preparing their depictions of the life of St. Arvan acquitted themselves brilliantly. His symbol is a coracle as he was a hermit and fisherman in the finest tradition of Apostles and the coracle made and decorated with ivy for the occasion by the children was processed and blessed at the offertory. They also gave a dramatic presentation of the story of the slaying of Eli the Deacon in front of the altar here in the 1300's when Sanctuary was desecrated Thomas a Becket-style but more of this and our search for the identity of Arvan in another post when we explore the church mentioned in the Llandaff Charter of 955AD which refers to our dedication as the church of SS Febric and Iarmen. If we can find out more detail we'll let you know!

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