Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ordination Anniversaries

Congratulations are given to all those celebrating their anniversaries at this time. Some will be in higher figures than others! ALL are a sign and a cause for celebration and thanksgiving. From London Pilmlico, St Gabriel for Fr. Luke's 10 yrs (preacher Fr. Jeremy Winston of Abergavenny 30 yrs) and secondly from Cardiff, St. Martin Roath for Fr. Irving's 25 yrs ( preacher Fr. Richard Williams 27 yrs of Hay-on-Wye...see his dog Jimmy at the altar rail!) Here are some souvenir photos and happy times and joyous Masses of thanksgiving I have recently had the joy to attend. So important to engage with and support all Anglican traditionalist clergy at this time in prayer presence and solidarity. Thanks be to God for these and all our vocations and for the grace to follow the sometimes uncertain path of life and faith. In the hope that we will never give up on the day to day tasks that need to be achieved in the name of Jesus Christ who is our witness and knows what we do and what we do not do. May we follow his example and strive not to BE served  but to serve.

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