Monday, 12 July 2010

General Synod of C of E

I have been asked to take part in the Radio Wales 'Good Morning Wales' programme live tomorrow morning after 8 am. This is to be on the subject of revisiting the question of the ordination of women as Bishops in the Church in Wales in the light of today's events at General Synod. This is, I understand, a live broadcast and will not be edited. I will let you have the link to the recorded version when I get back in the morning. I am not sure why I've been asked other than I was a signatory to the letter by 100 clergy to The Times some time ago. I'll do my best to get across the message of those of us who don't accept that the Anglican Church has the authority to change the nature of the threefold ministry it has shared and inherited from wider Christendom and that we should not be a modern day sect making up our own rules..we'll see. Blessed Stephen and Lawrence pray for me an unworthy Deacon and an inheritor of your tradition and your Holy Orders.

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