Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Second Reformation

Who can doubt that we are in the midst of a second Reformation as Anglicans? The committee or synod now decides all matters, even theological, without heeding the advice of Bishops. But here in Wales it is worse. Our own six Bishops have at a stroke taken away Sacramental and pastoral care; they have done so by refusing to replace our Bishop, the Provincial Assistant Bishop. Women and men whose only wish is to live out the faith of their Baptism as received from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to which they faithfully witness are abandoned and orphaned. They cannot continue to worship faithfully when the promises they were given in 1991 in England and in 1996 here in Wales have been so flagrantly broken by those who should know how to behave better. To keep a promise is a moral imperative. That Christian people especially when in a majority including Bishops can blatantly break these promises is no less than a scandal and also an abuse. Of course we are divided over the issues, but where is the tolerance and love and pastoral care that ensures those with whom you disagree with are cared for? Not only women and men scattered throughout the Provinces but to Priests and their wives, their mothers, their daughters and their sons? They know very well that there are many who in all conscience cannot accept the innovations devised by the committee led church which has now taken over the Anglican Church. It is, or was until now, both Catholic and Reformed. This is a sad descent into Congregationalism. We pray for those who in all conscience will have to leave the church of their Baptism and especially those priests and the women in their families who will have no stipend, no pension rights and no roof over their heads. Of course the Lord will provide and there is, praise God, a far more generous, loving and caring home for them to go to presided over by a chief Bishop who will really love them, lead them and allow them to practice and flourish in that same catholic faith of their tradition. His name is the successor of Peter, the rock from which we were hewn, Benedict XVI. May he pray for us and those whom we know, who are in need of much love, guidance and care at this time. The second Reformation begins, let us 'be joyful and keep the faith!' That the Apostles were all men determined by Jesus Christ cannot be disputed; the Bishops are their successors in unbroken line. We do not believe that our branch of the Christian Church has the authority to change things on our own, simple as that. By the way let's just remember that there are millions of women who hold this view too. That's what I would have liked to say on the Radio programme which I was on this morning! But this here at the 2hr.45mins into the programme on the marker slide is what I was able to say in the limited time and format available. It is good that the BBC gives us a hearing at least, even if our own Bishops turn a deaf ear!


  1. Well done, Father! You gave a truly spirited defence of our position which is more than I can say for the 'theology-free Canon' speaking on the other side. She came perilously close (or perhaps even embraced it) to Christological heresy several times, not that means anything in the brave new world we now inhabit.

  2. Thanks for alerting us to the broadcast. Well done, thank you. +E