Monday, 6 December 2010

Ordinariate in Wales

After Welsh PAB Ordinations 2004 
We already have provision in Wales for the forthcoming Ordinariate by virtue of the Roman Catholic heirarchy covering both English and Welsh Anglican Provinces. It is good that at last some interest is being launched within Wales via the new web site which has been launched click HERE not necessarily to instantly sign up to the Ordinariate but simply to explore it. It has been slow here perhaps to gather momentum due mainly to the tiny size of the Welsh Anglican province and the apparent lack of enthusiasm within the Welsh province of SSC which like all provinces of SSC is supposed to be in favour of corporate re-union with Rome. There are however Welsh Anglicans on the Bristol group for the time being exploring their way forward towards the Ordinariate. It is good to know that the Welsh bench of Bishops has among its number members who have expressed concern for traditionalists among their flock by saying that there is no antagonism towards them and they do not take issue with the fact that promises have in fact been broken. If this is so, it begs the question why there is no Provincial Assistant Bishop for providing sacramental care for them then? The message is clear though that traditionalists do not have a long term future in the Church in Wales. Come to that nor perhaps in the short term either. For example where will they go for the Chrism Mass in four months time? To the college of female and male priests with the Diocesan? What also about Ordinations and Confirmations? Time for waiting and listening upon God this Advent for discernment of these most important issues.

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  1. Hi Father Mark, praying for you all.... Just wanted to say I also have a sequel to Mary in Monmouth, which is
    Your beautiful Madonna is at the top. we are so full of saints in Gwent and Wales generally, all will be well. See you soon!