Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Contemplating Advent.

Here are some images of the frosts and cold of the season which will arrive again in time for the start of the new Church year. A time for pausing, a time for reflection, a time for planning and putting right what is wrong. A time for sitting in the dark and waiting for the light of Christ. A time for decision perhaps and a time for staying or departing and  new beginnings. Contemplations on the new birth, a birth of God who will be among us, a new birth in faith perhaps, farewells to the old and the lovely, the familiar and some great hopes of young growth of something new. A time for reason and a time for calculation and adding up, a time for listening to the still small voice of our Saviour, a time for prayer, a time for thanksgiving and waiting upon the Lord. A time for repentance and confession. A time for new resolution and a time for belief and reinvigoration. A time for meeting new friends and appreciating those who will always stand with you and never waver in sharing the  responsibility to be guardians of the faith. A time for a new beginning at the start of a new year. Let the lovely time of Advent begin.. the best hymns.... the very best time of year.... let the Holy season begin!
Conditor Alme (6th.cent.)
 Creator of the stars of night.
Thy people’s everlasting light.
O Jesu Saviour of us all,
Regard thy servants when they call.

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