Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Long and Winding Path

Where we go on our pilgrimage of life and of faith may seem sometimes to be arbitrary and unplanned. Our journey can be held up by diversions, distractions, dead ends and loss of way. We may seem to have lost the ability to map-read our way out of what seems to be a difficult route. We may get lost on the tortuous snow bound or desert road. We may be afflicted by all sorts of doubts and fears, of wondering how we have got to where we are or to where we are going. We may be worried about how injustice has made us over-judged and become over sensitive to how others think we should react, behave and respond. If though, we can try and put into perspective what God may want for us, remembering that he knows the imperfections, the dilemmas, the questions and challenges that life throws at us and if we can retain the character and individual courage that is God given within us, perhaps we can fulfil his purposes for us in the weeks and months and years ahead. If before the blessed Sacrament and if like The Mother of God we can pray 'Lord be it unto me according to Thy word', all things may become clear, our lives be unburdened, our vocations be cristalised and our unity with the undivided Church be sanctified through the prayers of those who pray for us, who care for us, who look out for us and offer us shelter. There are true Fathers in God who need our prayers and who will not see us consumed by all the vagaries, politics and ever so well meant errors of the present age. The self perpetuating and ever shifting modernisms dreamt up and validated by career seekers and well meaning and weak heirarchs will ultimately give way and indeed fade away before the only true Church to which we always believed we had and will continue to belong to, sooner we hope in greater measure than before. May the prayers and discusions and discernments that are coming to fruition guide, guard and empower us in our deliberations brought about through the present successor to St. Peter and God's vicar here on earth. May those who we believe are misguided and have so far rejected their duties of teaching and of upholding the faith once received, become aware of the importance or their office and return to the faith delivered once for all by the saints before God to whom they will bow and be held responsible as we all shall be one day.

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