Friday, 29 January 2010

Anything but Ordinary

The Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus is in it's infancy. Already as we have seen it is having a dose of very cold water poured upon it in quarters you would expect but also in places with solid Anglo-Catholic credentials who perhaps ought to know better. It is in this second area that I think we will see a big change in attitude and reaction within a matter of a few short years. Those who think they can arrest the anti Catholic feelings in the General Synod of the C of E and reverse the inevitable moves to rescind the Act of Synod will surely rue the day they invested so much hope and trust in the untrustworthy. The liberal express train hurtling through the unknown fog of secularism and church politics of super change is the false holy grail that will not be reversed by conservatives. Let's be practical, the majority of the Anglican decision makers ( if not the majority in the pews) are going to outvote and impose their ways on those who disagree with them. Here in Wales they should look to see what will be their future. All the promises to traditionalists have been broken with a cynical disregard for the history of the Anglican church and it's place in even reformed catholic Christendom. The 'make it up as you go along' church which calls itself anglican will eventually not be recognisable as such. Those who are still hoping for scraps from the high table of the ruling liberals will do well to retain some dignity and face the truth that things are never going to be the same, let alone be reversed. Even Welsh Bishops are saying Oh don't worry we MAY be able to give you what you want one day! Dream on if you will, when will that be.. when so and so must be joking! Now may not be the exact time for all to join the extraordinary Ordinariate. But I believe it is time to go to the discernment stage of meeting together, discussing and supporting each other in what I believe is God's plan for catholic Anglicans in these Isles. A very faithful Anglo-Catholic in a neighbouring parish thought the Apostolic Constitution was only on offer to the Church of England and I was able to give him the good news that NO it includes all Anglicans! Perhaps especially those of us in WALES and Scotland who have been dispossessed of full communion in the Holy Order of the episcopate. When the first Welsh parish is erected within the Ordinariate within the next 12 months or so, not all will be flocking there straight away but it WILL be there as the authentic reflection of both the Anglican AND Roman Catholic church of which it will be a full part. It will be possible to live and to die and to hope to rise again in the church of God according to the tradition to which we were baptised, confirmed and perhaps ordained as ANGLICANS and Roman Catholics. EXRA-ORDINARY!!

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  1. Good post Father. I have been amazed that in Wales it is only you and your Vicar who are providing any support for the possibilities offered by the Apostolic Constitution. All those so called Anglo-Catholics who have slagged off "High Church" practices and would have us "doing this and that" because it is what "real" Catholics do, have been shown to be lacking in leadership. They are all talk and no action. When it comes to taking the plunge and realising the generous offer presented by the Apostolic Constitution it would seem that they are not so Catholic after all. The stipend, the vicarage and the canonry are too good to give up for the truth faith. They're just pseudo-Catholics.