Sunday, 25 October 2009

I will send you a sign...

Rome and Anglican Re-Union.
Announcement before the Homily, Parish Mass - Last Sunday after Pentecost 25 Oct. 09

'' Before I begin, you may well have heard that on 20 October 2009, last week, Pope Benedict has responded to the requests of traditional Anglicans who have asked him to consider a re-union scheme. Firstly so that Christ’s words ‘ that they may be one’ be fulfilled and secondly so as to minister to those who have and will be left without bishops, sacramental and proper pastoral provision by their own Anglican Provinces following liberal innovations to ministry, faith and morals which have been made and continue apace without proper consultation and guidance from the whole Universal Church of God ( which of course includes our own province of the Church in Wales). Whatever happens next we should appreciate that this has been an unprecedented step and is the first sign of Anglicans being welcomed back to the mother Church corporately rather than individually since the Reformation . The official title of this decree of welcome is an Apostolic Constitution. We do not yet know the full details, there will be much speculation and comment in the press. Whatever happens next, things will not be the same. We should think of and pray for all Anglicans everywhere including ourselves. That we may leave God to guide the outcome for each and every one of us in His own time.One thing I suggest we do not do is speculate about others. We simply do not know what others will do or will be able to do and nor will most of us yet be sure about our own reactions. Remember when we talk we are talking about other people’s lives and other people’s faith, something we should leave to them and their own conscience before God. We should however rejoice that a home is now available for many who have been made homeless and unwelcome in their own Church. Whatever happens next our prayer should always be ‘Thy Kingdom come…’ ’’.
Fr. Mark

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