Saturday, 24 October 2009

Bartimaeus, New Sight, New Dawn

Tomorrow's gospel reading Mk.10v46-52 recounts the story of the blind beggar Bartimaeus. My sermon is finally written but not yet fully prayed over as this normally continues during the night in my sleeping hours. When dawn breaks the clocks will have gone back one hour GMT. Dawn will break as the first day following the FiF Assembly. Many words, much emotion, at least three different outcomes will result for all of us Catholic Anglicans in response to the still brilliant and blinding light of Rome's offer in the Apostolic Constitution. We are not all travelling at the same speed but pray God that we will eventually all end at the same destination. Salvation, not ecclesial politics is surely at stake. Life and death issues no less. As St. Mark's account tells us ''Take heart get up he is calling you'' Will we be able to throw off our blindness and let ourselves be healed by The Lord? To respond to this call for unity for which WE have petitioned? Then we may hear together more clearly Christ's words to us. '' Go your faith has made you well ''......

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