Saturday, 15 June 2013

Glastonbury Pilgrimage 2013

To the abbey church ruins today for the outdoor annual pilgrimage. The weather was wet for the Mass at noon and dry for the afternoon Benediction. Interesting homily from the Bishop of Exeter which will hopefully be printed soon. Also a moving street procession of the Blessed Sacrament followed with Benediction and devotional address by Bishop Roger Jupp of CBS. Time to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and to pray for and remember those we love and shared the faith with but see no longer. As the Bp of Exeter's address reminded us bereavement can be not only for those who have died but also for those people and sacred things we have lost or been separated from. The theme of "Ecce""Behold" gave focus to Mary and also to Jesus always present for us and within us.Well run as usual by faithful volunteers; with our special prayers please for Robin Thwaites the long serving Secretary who left after Mass for a scheduled admittance to hospital. Next year's date 21st June 2014 see


  1. It is over 40 years since I last joined the Glastonbury Pilgrimage. I'm rather shocked at how small it seems in these photos, compared to my memories. Is my memory failing me, or has it really dwindled that much?

    1. You should try to go again. The smaller numbers are a natural result of the devastation caused by the liberal agenda of the Anglican church. Firstly all those who followed the innovations of women's priestlike ordination excluded themselves, secondly the most recent losses to the Ordinariate of OLW have had a massive effect on numbers which is understandable but very sad. Somewhat of a bereavement no less. One day perhaps we will see great crowds who shared the same Anglican patrimony again joining together at this most ancient and Holy site. Because it would rejoice His heart and be a sign of unity that we must all continue to pray for. Most likely this could only happen at present if an Ecumenical Pilgrimage could ever be developed. In the meantime we continue to pray for all who hold to a Catholic understanding of the Anglican church rent and hewn as it was from the undivided Church in the 16th. cent an accident of history which is no fault of those brought up in the British Church catholic in modern times who endure even stormier seas in many ways. Remember your faithful remnant O Lord and guide us into the way of truth and unity in You.

    2. Given the assaults you enumerate, it is right that we should give thanks that the original "Glasto" is doing as well as it is.

      As for me, I became Orthodox (eventually). I've been rather unwell for the last several months, but news through the post on Saturday morning suggests that things might possibly not be as bad as was feared even a week ago. Perhaps if I am spared my health (and life), I'll pop along next year for moral support.

      As for those catholic-minded Anglicans still in the CofE, I find myself both utterly perplexed that you can conceive of a catholic identity within such an edifice, and at the same time I can fully comprehend why you must try. You have my prayers, feeble though they are.

    3. Yes thank you, let's support those who are doing their best in difficult times. I shall pray for you in sickness and thank you for your own prayers, never fear that you may think them feeble God does not. "for when I am weak, then I am strong"