Monday, 18 March 2013

Unacceptable Behaviour

The Prime Minister should be at the inauguration of Pope Francis. Not to go is simply childish, unacceptable behaviour. I used to think that if nothing else at Eton they taught good manners; obviously not. It doesn't make me very proud to be British with such loutish and ill advised decisions as this especially without an apparent good excuse for absence. Even the Royal family could and should do better than the Duke of Gloucester; how embarrassing this is for all British Christians. I suppose the new Archbishop of Canterbury has some excuse (one being that that they don't apparently teach good manners at his same school) but the Bishop of Chichester would surely have been happy to allow absence at the prayer pilgrimage for the installation of the Bishop of Rome. Now we aren't even paying lip service to ecumenism.

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  1. I so agreed with your comments.
    O for a closer walk with God.