Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Icons and Eggs.

A new Icon of Our Lord

which has been written by Ian Knowles of Elias Icons has been installed at St. Mary's Priory Church Usk. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Solemn Evensong and blessing of the new Icon by the Bishop of Monmouth, The Rt. Rev'd Dominic Walker OGS last Sunday. However, Fr. Gray was kind enough to give me a private benefactor's viewing in the Vestry yesterday. The Icon is currently displayed on a movable stand so it can be moved within the Church for different occasions and to other churches within the group. This is good for teaching and prayer purposes, giving flexibility and resources for worship too.

My photos do not do the work justice (can any photo of what is really a continuous prayer do so?) however, anyone who sees it will surely sense that the Icon has a Real Presence in the Divine sense and perhaps these photos give some flavour of that. What is remarkable is that even when viewed from the side, the eyes of Christ draw one directly into His heart spiritually in a prayerful and joyfully awesome manner. I was thrilled with the work and hope that the slight attack from slugs lurking in the church attracted to the egg tempura, described to me by Fr. Julian can be rectified and prevented! The seal of Usk Priory
 can just be seen beneath the Lord's hand. The significance of the grouping of the fingers in three represents the Holy Trinity. 
Well done to Ian Knowles who has created before our eyes "the peace which only God can give". He continues with commissions for Icons amidst his Icon School work which he is setting up at Bethlehem in the Holy Land in partnership with the Tantur Ecumenical Centre see his website The Bethlehem Icon School needs your support and your prayers.


  1. Hello Fr Mark
    This is indeed a beautiful icon & your photos are lovely. Thanks for posting about this new addition to the Priory Church. I will look out for it on my next visit to St Mary's. God bless you, Father.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think it is not always on display at present, so you could email the Parish Priest before you go in case you are travelling far.