Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bishops who will be Women

A Well Known River in Italy
Unlike many I am not particularly getting excited or flustered about General Synod's decision to go ahead with ordaining women bishops or what "safeguards" are being argued over (or rather omitted)  for those who can't accept the innovations of the Anglican church. After all we are only watching in slow motion what was begun years ago and is coming to its natural conclusion, very sad though it may appear. What is even sadder is to see the desperation of those who have lost a long time ago clutching at anything they can on the hoof without proper thought for either themselves, their consciences and the position of those who have looked for leadership. These words of William Oddie are in todays news; 
"If a woman is a priest, she can also be a bishop: if she’s not, she can’t. Either way, there is now only one way out for Catholic Anglicans: it’s over the Tiber"
These are pretty stark words but will be read and re-read by loyal Anglo- Catholics over coming months and even over some years for some; for there is no need for rushing and panic, the only timescale is one's own in discernment of God's will for each. The whole article is HERE

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