Thursday, 22 December 2011

Comfort ye My people

In my Advent reading I have been much moved by these words from Ronald Rolheiser and would share them with you in this final time when we shall begin to turn from silent waiting for our Saviour to be born to expectant joy at his coming to live with, and as one of us!

"We will comfort the world, and it will be comforted, when we show it that God sees its heart with the eyes of the heart, that God feels for it more than it feels for itself, that God never feels frightened or wronged by the assertions of its freedom, that God is not put off by all the times we turn our back on what we know is best, that God emphathises with our lusts, our greed, our anger, our jealousies and our failures, that God never stops loving us for a moment even when we put ourselves in hell.
And that God stands in the middle of our huddled, shivering, timid, wounded, and guilty hearts and breathes out peace.
We will comfort the world when we tell it that, in spite of everything, its life is good. The world will be finally helped by us when we trust God enough to have the courage to tell it to live, even to risk mistakes, because, in the end, all will be well, and all will be well, and every manner of being will be well."

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