Saturday, 13 November 2010

France 1944

Some of these are the photos from our family holiday in August. We cycled with our two daughters 15 Km to make our pilgrimage to this allied war grave cemetery at Ranville which was full of mainly British troops killed in the first wave of the liberation DDay landings. We followed this, crossing near-by Pegasus Bridge with a visit to the excellent and 'must see' Museum of Peace at Caen where we met not only British, American and Canadian visitors but Germans and French all trying to learn the truth of what happened in the carnage of the two World Wars. The young ages on the Caen stone headstones tell their own story. Only if we understand fully what went wrong in those days can we avoid such a human tragedy again. Those who say 'it could never happen now' need to be the first to make these journeys of understanding and discovery. May the souls of those who gave their lives for freedom rest in peace + and rise in glory, Amen.

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