Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mother of God

Anglican Churches dedicated to the Mother of God are so numerous that St. Mary's....(wherever) is the most common dedication of parish churches in the land. Lady chapels and statues and stained glass happily may be found everywhere. There are stories however of parishes that desire to restore a missing statue desecrated and broken up at the reformation or when that beast Oliver Cromwell ( yes the one who made the celebration of Christmas illegal) was in power; have found the Diocesan Advisory Committee less than helpful. One day I hope some committee in the public works department might get on and remove that incestuous statue of the tyrant Cromwell from in front of Parliament which is an affront to British democracy let alone to Ecclesia Anglicana. We had a tiff with the DAC when we installed a statue of the Mother of God here in the Lady Chapel at St. Arvans over 20 years ago. However, a lovely and persistent former parish priest persevered and the benefactor who gave it under a commission to the talented artist Siegfried Pietz refused to accept defeat as well!  This is a photo of it. The only enforced concession was that the crown was refused point blank. If anyone knows where we can get one we may return to the original design by the artist and arrange a coronation! Perhaps in the New year in May! A very Happy New Year to one and all.

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