Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Incarnation Awaited

And so our Lord is coming to us, we wait patiently... the time of his coming is now nearly upon us. How will we receive him? In penitence and humbly but alive to the utter joy of this great mystery, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Setting aside now all our failings, unworthiness and faults we join with Christians everywhere to welcome, worship and adore. Not only a welcome with our words but in our actions, liturgies and in our very hearts and souls. We welcome the smiling Christ child, marvelling at his tiny human form as with little fingers raised in blessing he acknowledges our uncertainty and wonder and confirming that, yes, this mystery of his incarnation is true and the centre of our faith. This challenge will change us and hearten, strengthen and affirm us and the very meaning of life itself...if we let him (unlike at the Inn) into our hearts now and find room there . May we never say there is no room in our hearts for Him or his blessed mother Mary, mother of Jesus, mother of God, mother of the church, mother to all Christians.

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