Friday, 25 December 2009

God is made Man !

How can this be ? God is made man through the Holy Incarnation of His son Jesus Christ, son of God and son of Mary. Heaven and earth are joined together in a holy mystery, the heart of our Christian faith. A truth that makes sense of life itself and which triumphs over earthly and mortal death in an instant, in a flash. As the cries of the new born babe are muffled in a humble stable they in fact echo throughout the world and bless it with those cries and sounds of new life new birth. We rejoice and laugh and cry and welcome and pray and worship and adore. Allelluia! Christ is born of Mary a virgin most pure. All innocence is guaranteed, all sins are forgiven, all hope is the gift which is more precious than gold!!. Happy Christmas to all !!. Here are some photos of the four services in our small parishes in the last 24 hrs. See how my colleague Fr. Michael braved his broken arm sustained at 6pm last night and after three hours in the A&E managed in plaster cast to celebrate the great Holy Mass of the dawn......

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