Friday, 20 November 2009

Cornered in a Storm?

Note to Liberal Well Wishers.... "Is it me or do I detect that things are getting rough on the ocean of unity? Tempers are getting hot and unpleasant, realities are beginning to bite. Who knew what when? This could be a tragic play indeed were it not for the fact that it's not fiction, it's about truth which should have a happy ending. You may not like the open welcome to Anglicans from Rome but if you don't what are you bothered about? You aren't the ones who are going to move anywhere so stop rocking the boat and upsetting the move that many will want to take in their own good time if they can and if they feel God is calling them. Let's have some decorum, we are not playing a football match we are engaged in the soul searching of men and women for their spiritual home and their longing for the truth of the church founded by their Lord and entrusted to the Apostles and their successors. Leave your fellow Christians and treat them ecumenically with love and best wishes for their future before God. I don't think I can stand any more posturing or criticism of why and how the fatherly offer of help that has been launched in Anglicanorum coetibus came about. The message to Rome from Anglican synods was clear we don't want to listen to your words of caution that the raft of ARCIC is sinking on the tide of unagreed innovations to church order, ministry and ethics. For many Anglicans now realise the Bishop of Rome knows best and if you don't agree worries just carry on as you are! Which you will do anyway. Please please stop PRETENDING you don't understand traditionalists and their longing for Christ's imperative 'let them be one' any more!" We wish you well and let's all get on with bringing Christ to those who don't yet know him in our own way. Don't be fearful, don't feel cornered, stay cool, stay faithful!" After death comes resurrection and new life.

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