Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Why All Gas & Gaiters?

'What is this name for your blog?' my children asked me. It takes it's name from an innocent TV farce about the dear old Church of England. There were 33 episodes between 1966 and 1971, only 11 of these survive to be seen. In the days when harmlessly poking fun lightly was a joy to behold. Also in days when clergy looked like clergy and dressed properly and Bishops were only addressed 'my lord'. Gaiters( a type of leggings buttoned down the side) were the norm for Bishops and Archdeacons. Mind you I know that these gaiters still exist in the cupboards of at least two present day Bishops. Will they make an appearance again? Probably... but only in the looking glasses of their bedrooms! Why not in the Cathedral close any more? I hear you say. The answer is simple... none of them have the legs for it!!

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