Saturday, 31 October 2009

All Saints

All Saints Eve and all is quiet, expectant, prayerful and calm. Yesterday in secular work some lovely late summer/ early Autumn weather at 19C. Not bad for nearly November. A long day doing what I was asked and called and needed for. Giving one and a half hour free professional advice three times individually to those who want to know if they can move house. This they need to know for all the reasons of human condition. Larger family, getting older, bereavement, financial difficulty, moving job, losing employment, gaining employment, moving church, separation, greed, desire, humility, sinfulness, saintliness ( to look after others etc.) and all the rest. In other words it's not only about bricks and mortar (just like the Church) it's mainly about people....God's people. Yes, even being a country Estate Agent is a vocation of service and yes also, I'm by no means the only one of my profession that sees it this way, even though we are seen as 'leeches' by many. What made it great for me today was the joy I have in working in one of the most lovely and untouched parts of the Welsh borders ( rural Monmouthshire ). Also to stop yesterday and watch the majestic circling of a Red Kite on one of the properties at one end of the County and then seeing the  blue flash of a Kingfisher on one at the other prayer in motion!! The one like slow meditation "high soaring above" ..........the other arrow-like, direct, fast and going direct! May God be praised through All His Saints as we pepare to meet Him in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass tomorrow. Through their blessed intercessions and those of whom will soon be joining the ranks of the elect ( especially John Henry Newman). May all that is Holy in the dear Anglican tradition " Praise ye The Lord !!" May we be made ready to move home for Him, if, as, when and to whence He may call us...... in His own god time. Amen.

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  1. This is a thankyou from Melbourne, Australia, for your blog. It helps fill the gaps between letters from my sister who lives a few miles out of Brecon in the Usk Valley and also sees both red kites and kingfishers. (She is a drop-out from the 'lowest common denominator' services of Church in Wales.)